Backstory (Short Version)

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Backstory (Short Version)

Post by Stanial on Thu Jul 02, 2015 3:35 am

The beginning of this universe starts in the middle of another universe's history. In Dimension Forty-Two, Universe A, the science-driven race of angels, the Seraphim (singular 'Seraph') accidentally punched a hole in the space-time continuum. It was debated who should go through first. The government of Heaven was timid to send in its own people, so the Seraphim waited for somebody else to go first.

That's where the Romans come in. The Roman Empire once stretched across the universe, now a bickering republic commanding only the Roman home planet. Led by the one who would be credited as the unifier of Rome, Arcturius de Roma, a small band of warriors, researchers, and colonists entered the rift. On the other side was nothing, only void. Luckily, the Romans were gifted in the power of creation, and the Roman Nebulae were brought in to build stars and planets and moons.

This is the universe they created: 42B. In time, many great stories would take place here. The legends of the Super Saiyan, the wish-granting orbs of Namek, and the story of a young man named Goku, Earth's greatest hero.

Six-hundred years have passed since his death. In that time, planet Vegeta and the Saiyan race were brought back by a cult, the last of the Romans (renamed Cosmic Saiyans by the blur of history), a Solar Saiyan named Watashi Artik awoke and had a child, Watashi Auron, the universe accidentally got deleted and then brought back (missing the east and south galaxies. Whoops) a robotic space bear who nearly wrested control of the cosmos, and countless other events have taken place.

Now, the teenager known as Watashi Auron has amassed a force of galactic police officers, the Mundus Aliquam, to keep order. However, the new rules forbid displays of powerful martial arts, or the formal control of planets by a single person. Auron's people have, understandably, clashed with many free-willed fighters over the decade of the Mundus Aliquam's existence. No one remains to challenge them as Riza and his allies have all disappeared.

This is not their story. Not anymore. Now, it is your time. Go forth, for better or worse, and change everything.

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